Anti-Spam Policy

Please read this Anti-Spam Policy (the “Policy”, “Anti-Spam Policy”) carefully before using the website (the “Service”) operated by UniSender (“us”, “we”, or “our”).


This Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Service. The capitalized terms used in this Policy shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Service unless expressly stated otherwise in this Policy.


The present Policy informs you of how we treat spam and other threats related to group electronic mail sending.

What we consider as spam

Notwithstanding any provisions under any applicable laws and regulations we consider any mass messages to subscribers or recipients without their prior consent to receive such massages as a spam.


Our moderation service willn’t miss your emails if you advertise:

  • earnings on the Internet and infobiznes;
  • sex- and escort- services;
  • financial pyramids;
  • casino/slots;
  • network marketing (eg. Oriflame, Avon);
  • viagra or other prohibited drugs;
  • political agitation;
  • narcotic substances and other smoking mixing;
  • alcohol and tabacco products without a quality certificate.


In addition, high-risk topics are:

  • loans and credits;
  • insurance;
  • sports betting.


You, most likely, will need to provide additional confirmation of the presence of the consent of the recipients on your dispatch on the double opt-in procedure.


When using UniSender the user must follow the following rules:

  • Subject and message text should not contain false, incorrect or misleading information;
  • Message should not be sent to subscribers without their prior explicit consent;
  • User actions should not contradict applicable legislation including the specific terms of legislation on marketing and advertising.

Our actions in the event of non-compliance with anti-spam policy

Upon receipt of complaints related to violation of the rules of this Policy the services will be suspended pending clarification of details of violation. Freezing of unused funds is also possible for the period of clarification needed to receive. As a rule, the decision on the relevance of complaints is taken during 24 hours.

How we address the spam issues

We make every effort so that the massages using our Service successfully reaches its destination. In order to prevent sending unwanted massages we do the following:

  1. We put on a mandatory pre-moderation all outgoing mailing;
  2. Block the accounts of those users who are trying to send spam;
  3. Prohibit emailing to the addresses to which we believe the User did not obtain express consent to send such messages;
  4. In every email-message we insert a link opt out from receiving such messages;
  5. Continuously monitor public black lists, and take immediate steps to remove them from our mail servers.
  6. Furthermore, we have special emails, that are SPAM traps for parser software as one of the SPAM countermeasures. After receiving letters on these emails, we block senders automatically.

Spam complaints received from UniSender user

If you have received spam with any indication of the UniSender service, please let us know by e-mail Attach a received unwanted message, and specify the date and time when the message was received.


We do not cooperate with organizations or individuals conducting unwanted email sending (i.e. spammers). Such accounts are blocked immediately.