Hi! I'm UniSender Automation

I make communication with clients simple

The purpose is to contact your clients in an appropriate time.

It’s called customer journey, script, funnel, autoresponders or trigger-based campaigns. But the main thing you need to know – it’s automated.

I show you stats on every step:

How I simplify your life:

Automate to result

You need orders, not sending emails. That's why every chain ends in success or fail.

Replace marketer/manager

Give all routine to me. There is no profit in clicking same buttons hundred times.

Don't waste time

I could react on customers actions instantly. And you?

It's simple

You don't need developer or API knowledge.

What I can do:

I’m “drop” automation. It means that every contact in chain moves with own speed.

It takes John a month to get all letters. Ann receives all chain in a week. It depends on their reaction speed.

Simple chain creation

  1. Add blocks
  2. Add branches
  3. Add time

That’s all.

Automate communication with clients in a simple way

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