Transactional emails from UniSender — the largest email marketing service in Eastern Europe

Personalised emails for your customers

Email campaigns VS Transactional emails

Email campaigns

  • the same template for different clients
  • ignored customer behavior
  • many emails get lost in spam
  • email conversion rate ~1%

Transactional emails

  • personalised email
  • triggered by user behavior
  • higher and faster delivery
  • up to 90% conversion rate

UniOne stats

  • 5
    million emails per hour
  • 99.8
    % delivery rate
  • $0.5
    for 1,000 emails*
Emails sent per month (MM)Pricing (10.000 emails)
0 - 0,5 5$
0,5 - 14$
1 - 2,5 3$
2,5 - 52$
more 5 1$

UniOne features


Instant sending - 5 Mill. emails per hour.


Convenient sending via WebAPI


Personalised campaigns with Velocity template builder


Subscriber data is hosted on your servers


Receive delivery, open, and click-through rates via WebHooks


Tech support 24/7

UniOne vs other services

Pricefrom 1$* per 10 0004-8$ per 10 000from 1$ per 10 000
FeaturesWebhooksEmail channel, delivery stat, open and click rate, dynamic content in templatesEmail channel
Customization YesNoNo
Tech support: phone24/7NoSupport is paid separately, depending on AWS plan (including paid plans)
Tech support: email24/7 (English, Russian)Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm UTC -5 (English) English

* more emails — lower price

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  • Why transactional emails are more effective for my business?

    Email delivery is much higher, when triggered by customer actions: 90% in transactional emails conversion is higher VS 10% in bulk emails campaigns.
    UniOne allows to avoid the infrastructure maintaining and does not need an Administrator to support campaings. This allows to reduce a few thousand USD every month.

  • Does UniOne API the same to Mandrill API and Amazon SES API?

    UniOne is cheaper and has higher delivery rate in Eastern Europe. It also has English-speaking support. UniOne tracks readings open and click rates, while Amazon doesn’t allow doing this. UniOne is better for tracking your email.

  • What is transactional emails?

    Transactional emails sending is triggered by user actions. E.G., a password reset or reistration confirmation. They are instantly sent; each email contains unique data.

  • Why does free SMTP for emails or making own SMTP server is dangerous and inefficient??

    It’s really expensive. Compare this to a website support: either you use a server park in your office, or you use an external hosting. UniOne is like external hosting which frees your from all the support-related issues.

  • What is an SMTP server?

    An SMTP server is a server allowing only to send emails. An SMTP server is not the same not a POP3 server. SMTP is a widely used network protocol for sending emails within TCP/IP networks.

  • Can I host an SMTP server while using UniOne?

    UniOne is a product of UniSender: you can host an SMTP server in your UniSender profile settings.

  • Do I get a dedicated SMTP server while using UniOne?

    No. Your email will be sent via good pools of SMTP servers from UniSender. This will ensure high delivery rate  starting with the first letters. If you need to send via dedicated SMTP you can rent it additionally.


Transactional emails from one of the largest email-marketing services in the CIS — countries