Sell more with email campaigns

We'll set up email marketing and create a strategy or template for your business. For entrepreneurs, sales managers and marketers. From 3 days and $100.

4 problems we'll solve:

No base of email contacts

You don't have a database for email campaigns.

No result

You had email campaigns. But there was no result.


Emails go to spam and subscribers do not see them.

No email template

Emails with the «usual» template are worse opened and converted into sales.

We know how to solve these problems based on our experience of more than 517 projects.

Any questions about email marketing?

Get a free consultation. Our expert will analyze your email campaigns, suggest options. The consultation will take 10-20 minutes of your time.

What will we do?

Collect the database

We will gather the target base using forms of subscription and social networks.

Create an email template

We will create a professional letter template.

Get out of spam

We will do all the technical settings (DKIM and SPF) so that your emails do not get into spam.

Set up email marketing

We will create a strategy and implement email marketing for your business.

How does it work?
  • Fill in the form.
    1 minute
  • Receive a consultation.
    10-20 minutes
  • We will do a commercial proposal for you.
    3-12 hours
  • Pay the order.
    1 day
  • We start the work.
    3 days — 3 weeks
  • Get effective email marketing.

Why us?


UniSender - #1 service for mass email campaigns in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, according to (Email Delivery Category, October 2017)


More than 30 professional partner-experts. Experts are located in different cities around the world and work online. They can meet you if necessary.


When ordering any service - you get the course «Building sales with email campaigns» (in Russian), worth $150, as a gift.

Our Results

> 30


> 517

Projects completed in 2 years

> 1523

Email templates created


Customers reorder templates

Email marketing services and email template creation

Email marketing setup

I want experts to set up email marketing for me: collect the database; set up auto emails; return old and bring new customers.

Email template

I want a universal template for email campaigns, so that it can be displayed well on phones and all email services.

Help with the account

I want a technical specialist in the personal account to prepare and download the database, design and send the letter.

After we get your request we will contact you during the working day. It takes 15 minutes to discuss the task.