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cancelCampaign method

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It is a method to cancel a scheduled campaign. The user can cancel his campaign with the specified campaign_id (you can get it after creating the mailing — see the createCampaign method).

A campaign can be canceled if it has one of the following statuses: «Planned», «Scheduled» (scheduled), «Considered by the administration» (censor_hold), «Waiting for approval» (waits_censor). The distribution status can be obtained using the getCampaignStatus method.

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method
cancelCampaign (int campaign_id)
api_key * API access key.
campaign_id * id of the campaign to be canceled.
Return value
If the campaign has been successfully canceled:


If the campaign cannot be canceled:

  • if such campaign does not exist:
      [Burst not found. Provided Id: 1111]",
  • if the campaign is owned by another user:
      "error":"Access denied to this resource",
  • if the campaign has a status that prevents it from being canceled:
      [Campaign in status "canceled" can't be cancelled]",
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