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getCampaignCommonStats method

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Get general information about the results of delivering messages in the given list. The method returns statistics similar to «Campaigns» — «Reports on sent» in the UniSender personal account.

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method
getCampaignCommonStats (int campaign_id)
api_key *API access key.
campaign_id *Campaign identifier received when the createCampaign method is called (sending a mailing).
Return value
JSON object with the following fields:
totalTotal number of contacts in the campaign scheduled for sending.
sentNumber of the messages sent.
deliveredNumber of the messages delivered.
read_uniqueNumber of unique reads. Unique reads represent the number of unique contacts that have read the letter or followed the link.
read_allTotal number of reads.
clicked_uniqueNumber of unique clicks. Unique clicks represent the number of unique contacts that followed the links in the message.
clicked_allTotal number of clicks.
unsubscribedNumber of unsubscribed contacts (by clicking the «unsubscribe» button in the message).
spamNumber of contacts who complained about spam (clicking on the «spam» button in their email client).
Example of the return value:

  "result": {
    "total": 81962,
    "sent": 81962,
    "delivered": 81737,
    "read_unique": 6816,
    "read_all": 8940,
    "clicked_unique": 447,
    "clicked_all": 545,
    "unsubscribed": 184,
    "spam": 86