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getAvailableTariffs method

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It is a method to get the list of tariffs.

This method is only possible for accounts that have a reseller status.

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method
getAvailableTariffs (string login)
api_key * API access key.
login * Login of the user for whom the list of available tariffs will be displayed.
Return value
JSON object with the attached tariffs object. The properties of this object have numerical names, which are tariff codes. The value of each property is an object with a single name field that stores the tariff name.
Examples of return values:

			"111": {"name": "Often 500"},
			"112": {"name": "Often 1000"},
			"113": {"name": "Often 2000"},
			"114": {"name": "Often 5000"},
			"115": {"name": "Often 1000"},
			"116": {"name": "Often 2000"}
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