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Merge tags

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Merge tags

Merge tags allow you to dynamically add information from the additional fields to your emails using variables. The expressions between double-braces (Merge Tags) are replaced by the values of the variable, specified in additional fields.

Line Value HTML example
{{Name}} After your registration, the additional field “Name” with the variable {{Name}} is automatically created. Hello, {{Name}}!

Current contact list name in quotation marks.

Thank you for subscribing to newsletter {{List Title}}!
{{Email}} Recipient’s email. Available only in an email campaign. You received this letter because you had left an email address {{Email}} at the “Expo” exhibition.
{{LocalPart}} Part of the email recipient before the «@» sign. Available only in email campaigns. Hello, {{Name|LocalPart}}.
{{Phone}} Recipient’s phone. Available only in SMS campaigns. Your phone – {{Phone}}.
{{ConfirmUrl}} A special tag only for emails confirmation. The link which confirms recipient’s subscription. o confirm the subscription, follow this <a href=”{{Confirm Url}}”> link</a>
{{_SubscribeListUrl:NNN}} The link which confirms recipient’s subscription to the list, where NNN – is the id of the list. You can take the id from the Url of the list. You can <a href=”{{ConfirmUrl}}” >этой ссылке</a>
{{UnsubscribeUrl}} This link is automatically added into the footer of every email. If you want you can add it to the beginning of the letter too. To unsubscribe, follow the <a href=”{{UnsubscribeUrl}}” >link</a>
{{WebLetterUrl}} A link to the web version of the letter. If the letter is shown incorrectly, you can see <a href=”{{WebLetterUrl}}”>Web version of the letter</a>
{{SendDate}} Planned date of sending a letter. The date can be defined like: {{SendDate:FORMAT}}, where FORMAT specifies the format of the date and time as a date function in php, with four changes:

  • sumbol q defines the month name,
  • sumbol _ before D, l, F, M, q makes all letters lowercase,
  • sumbol ^ before D, l, F, M, q makes all letters uppercase
  • time zone symbols are not allowed.

Date and time will be in the time zone specified in the account.

  • The usual date DD.MM.YYYY:{{SendDate}}
  • Like in “Tuesday, January 1, 2010”: {{SendDate:l, j _q Y}} г.
  • Like in “2010-04-29 23:59:59”:{{SendDate:Y-m-d H:i:s}}
{{SocialBookmarks}} Social bookmarks icons (quick placement of popular social services links).

You can specify additional options {{_SocialBookmarks:”Url”, “title”, “services”}}, где

  • Url – web address (if you specify a null value, it will be linked to a web version of the letter)
  • title – a short text description of the link (if you specify a null value, the subject line will be used)
  • services – the list of used services (separated by commas)

Each parameter must be placed into quotes. If the parameter includes brace, comma, or quote, insert a backslash before it (“Company news \” Horns and hooves\ “”).

Acceptable service names: livejournal, vkontakte, moi_mir, bobrdobr, yandex, yahoomyweb, google, facebook, digg, technorati, delicious, stumbleupon, slashdot, reddit, newsvine, blinklist, dzone, propeller, mixx, designfloat, myspace, misterwong, linkedin, twitter, webnewsde, netvouz.

If you specify value “all”, the icons of all supported services will be shown.

{{_SocialBookmarks:””, “short link to Yandex search”, “vkontakte,twitter,digg”}}

Advanced features of using Merge Tags:

HTML example Description
{{Name | Dear Subscriber}} This tag will be replaced by the value of the field “Name”, and if “Name” is empty, it will be replaced by «Dear Subscriber». as if it was a «default value» of the field. Instead of the text, you can specify the name of another field, for example: {{Name |{{Email}}}}
{{HasOrders?You are entitled to a discount of 10%}} If the field “Has Orders” is not empty and not equals zero, it will be replaced by the text «you have 10% discount 10%», otherwise the result will be an empty string. nstead of the text, you can specify the name of another field, for example: {{HasOrders?{{Discount}}}}
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