Add Contacts

In your personal account, navigate to ContactsYour lists.

Contact lists

Choose the contact list you want to work with. In the left pane, click Add Contact.

Add contact

A Contact data pop-up window will appear. Enter the contact’s email address. An email address is the only field required for a contact, but you can also:

  • Add the contact’s phone number. Make sure to write phone numbers in full international format with country codes, e.g. +1234567890 or 1234567890.
  • Enter additional information, such as the contact’s name.
  • Add one or more tags to better organize your contacts. If you need to add multiple tags, separate them with commas or by pressing Enter.
  • Check the boxes for the lists you want to add the contact to.

Contact card.

If you see a message that says “This contact already exists in the system. Proceed to edit this contact?”, it means that the contact has already been added to this or another list. Click Proceed to edit the existing contact data card.

Adding an existing contact.

Scroll down the contact card to see the lists the contact belongs to. Check the boxes next to the lists you want to add the contact to, and click Save.

Selecting a contact list.

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