See Contact Information & Campaign History

Every contact has its own contact data card — a pop-up window with all data fields, tags, and lists the contact belongs to.

To see the contact's data, navigate to ContactsYour lists in your personal account.

Contact lists

Choose the contact list you want to work with, and click the contact you want to see details for.

Select contact

In the contact card, you can do the following:

  • Edit contact fields.
  • Add or delete tags. If you need to add multiple tags, separate them with commas or by pressing Enter.
  • Add or remove contacts from lists. To do this, check or uncheck the boxes next to the lists you wish to add or remove the contact from.
Contact card

1 — phone number; 2 — name; 3 — tags; 4 — lists

In addition, you can see:

  • the contact's status;
  • the date when the contact was added to the account;
  • the contact's rating;
  • the date of the last email delivery;
  • the date of the last email open;
  • the date of the last click on a link in an email.

Here's where you can also navigate to the contact’s campaign history.

Mailing history.

1 — history of email campaigns and one-time emails; 2 — history of text message campaigns

Here's where you can view the send history for your campaigns, including:

  • Email campaign history— to access detailed reports on your campaigns, navigate to CampaignsCampaigns in the main menu.
  • Single email campaign history — this includes system emails, test emails, confirmation emails, emails sent via sendEmail; and emails sent via campaign automations.
  • Text messages history — this section displays only when the contact has a phone number.
Mailing history.

1 — email send history; 2 — history of one-time email sends; 3 — history of text message campaigns; 4 — email subject line; 5 — date and time of the email send; 6 — status of the email send, date and time of the status update; 7 — reasons for a failed delivery attempt (if failed)

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