What is a Contact Rating and How to Use It

In UniSender, you can use contact rating to track the activity of contacts you send emails to. The rating depends on how often the recipient opens emails and clicks on the links in them.

How to check

In your Personal Account, the rating is displayed in the contact lists, in the contact rating column.

How the rating is displayed in your personal account

If the rating column is not displayed, enable it in the column settings:

1.Go to the contact list.

2.In the left sidebar menu, navigate to "List operations" → "Column settings".

enable rating display.

3.Put a tick in the box "Contact rating" and click "Save".

connection of the rating option for display in the cabinet.

How do Contact Ratings work

The rating can range from 0 to 5 Stars depending on how your recipients engage with your emails.

Star rating Contact activity
Zero stars Unknown — the contact does not receive your emails. It may have been added recently or the contact unsubscribed from newsletters or stopped recieving them.
This is the base rating that a contact receives by default when it is added to the contact list. The rating "Unknown" is also assigned to the contact that  does not receive newsletters for last 60 days.
Bounced — this contact receives emails but does not open them.
⭐⭐ Outgoing — the contact receives emails, but only a small part of them he/ she opens.
⭐⭐⭐ Reader — a contact with medium activity. The contact receives emails, opens them, and clicks on some of the links.
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Friend — a highly active contact who often opens emails and clicks on links.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fan — a loyal contact who regularly clicks your campaigns.

How is rating calculated

Rating is calculated for 60 days. Thus, you can segment contacts with a rating greater than 5, but who have already unsubscribed

We take into account the following:

  • The number of letters sent to the contact.
  • The number of letters the contact opened (only the first opening is taken into account).
  • From how many emails the contact clicked through (only the first click-through is accounted).

The rating does not take into account unsubscribe and spam complains, as these activities can be seen in the contact status.

When exporting contacts

When exporting contacts, the user shall tick in the box "Contact Rating".

put a tick to unload the rating.

In the exported file it looks like this:

how the table file with the rating of contacts looks like.

How to use rating in newsletters

Rating can be used in the segmentation of contacts.

For example, to send a newsletter to contacts who have at least one star, use the condition "Rating" — "in the range" — "★☆☆☆☆" — "★★★★★»

using rating for mailings. example 1.

Examples of the use

Sending to the most active contacts

Contacts with a rating of 4 and 5 stars are the most active subscribers. To send them a newsletter, select the Rating — More condition in segmentation — "★★★☆☆".

using rating for mailings. example 2.

Reactivation campaigns

Contacts with 1 and 2 star ratings do not read or rarely read your emails. To select such contacts to send reactivation email, select the Rating — Less condition in segmentation — "★★★☆☆".

using rating to reactivate subscribers.

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