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How to make a payment?

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How to pay?

Step 1. Click the button

Click the button “Add funds for your account” on the main page.
How to pay?

Step 2. Choose the tariff

Choose the appropriate tariff and specify additional parameters.
How to pay?

Step 3. Choose the method of payment

How to pay?

  1. Visa/Mastercard
  2. PayPal (payment acceptance either of a credit card or PayPal account)
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Bill issuance for legal entities and private individuals (the payment is entered to on your account the next working day if it was performed within bank working day)
  5. Webmoney wallet

If you need to just to buy some extra credit and not turn on a new tariff, please select “Arbitrary Amount” in the upper field and input the amount. It is not necessary to choose the tariff option even if the tariff value equals the amount being added.

If the payment was not transferred to your account within an hour, submit a ticket to our support team indicating date, time, method of payment and payment amount.

If your cashless payment was not transferred to your account within the first half of the next working day, submit a ticket to our support team and attach a copy of stamped bank transfer order.

We will find your payment or will inform you of the reason of its rejection or delay.

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