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2. How to import your contact base

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You have collected the base of your clients’ email addresses or phones, and now you need to upload it to UniSender.

  1. Preparing a file for import
  2. Import contacts
  3. Questions – Answers

Step 1. Preparation of the file

General file requirements for import

  • Acceptable formats: .csv, .txt, .xls, .xlsx.
  • Maximum file size is 20 Mb.

Archive requirements

  • The archive contains only one file.
  • Archive file format: .csv, .txt, .xls, .xlsx.
  • If the file is larger than 20 Mb – use the archive (.rar, .zip, .7z).

Structure of information in a file

Requirements for entering data into a table. The data in the table has:

  • clear structure.
  • do not contain unnecessary information.
  • one column is one type of data.
  • date in format.
  • file encoding (Universal) – UTF-8 or Unicode.

About the customer is a known email, name and date of birth.
These fields should be filled in as shown in the table.
If you do not know about the customer any information, leave the cell empty.

Step 2. Import the database into UniSender

Upload a contact information file or copy information from a file or other source.

Download contacts from file

  1. On the «Import Contacts» page, select uploading contacts from the file.
  2. Drag or select a file to download.

Loading contacts from the text

  1. On the Import Contacts page, select Manually download contacts.
  2.  In the first line, add headings for each column that corresponds to one type of data.
    Next, write information about each contact from a new line.


  • Between the data for one contact use one of the separators: a comma, a semicolon or a tab.
  • You can download up to 50,000 contacts at a time.

Field settings

Select one of the existing fields or create a new field.

If you do not want to import contact information, select «Do not import» or leave «Select a field».

Importantly! One of the imported fields should be «Email» or «Mobile Phone».

Select a contact list

Select one of the existing lists or create a new list.

You can add tags to contacts that will be imported. Select one of the existing tags or create a new one.


When importing contacts, the following information is available:

  • The progress of importing contacts
  • Import statistics (in real time):
    1. Processed – all contacts that were imported.
    2. Added – contacts that were not already in the lists.
    3. Updated – contacts already in the lists.
    4. How many errors did you have?

After importing contacts you can:

  • Create a newsletter.
  • View import history.
  • Go to the contact list in which the contacts were imported.
  • Download a detailed error report (the information is kept for 7 days).
  • Abort the import process of contacts (the contacts that were imported before the interrupt import is added to the list).
  • Go to the next import.

Question — Answers

1. What will happen if the contact already exists in UniSender in this or another list?

In this case, the contact details will be updated.


You had email with the name of Hnat. You are uploading the same email with the name of Nikolay. The name changes to all lists.

2. Has not collected the base yet.

To collect contacts in UniSender:

  1. Create a subscription form.
  2. Configure the integration.

3. I downloaded phone numbers, but I can not send sms-mailing list (there are no numbers in the list).

The phone number must be loaded into the automatically generated system box called “Mobile Phone” (it exists in all accounts). The phone number loaded in the additional field can not be used to send sms.

4. What format can phone numbers be?

The phone number must be in the international format of the form: +7 921 123 45 67.
Since there are countries whose code starts with eight, you can not specify a phone number 8 921 123 45 67.

Importantly! For mobile phone numbers, you must specify the operator code, not the city code. No SMS will be delivered to the phones specified with the city code.
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