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2. How to import your contact base

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If you have a compiled list of emails or phone numbers of your customers, you need to load (import) it into UniSender.

Step 1. Document preparation

Check up the document structure on readiness for import.

The columns «Email», «Name», «Company (Name)» should be filled in with the same data type, as it is shown in the example below:

Step 2. Importing contacts into UniSender

Create a list in your account before contacts import:

There are 2 options for importing the contact base:

  • Import from file (document extensions .csv, .xls, .txt)
  • Import from text

Let’s consider the first option of contacts import.

The system will automatically check if you have correctly structured the file and if it fits the format.

Step 3. Possible import errors

All fields must be filled in. Email in the field «Email», names in the field «Name», company name in the field «Company (Name)».

In UniSender, there is no «Company» column by default, but you can create an additional one. Here is how create an additional field:

The window for adding contacts shows how many contacts have been added and processed.

The section «Contact» – «Import history» shows the number of errors occurred when the contact base has been imported. Import history will be stored for 7 days.

Congratulations! Now you can create SMS and email newsletters within your contact base and increase your profits!