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6. How to personalize your letters

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What personalization gives:

  • increase your email open rate – more people will read your message;
  • increase your email click-rate – more clicks on account because you provide more accurate;
  • less chance of your message going into spam.

How do we personalize emails?

We do personalization with the help of two things:

  • Segmentation – to whom we write;
  • Merge tags – what we write.

For example, we send a personalized email to everyone who bought a cactus.

First, we create additional fields «Product» {{Product}} and «Product Category» {{Category}}. Further, we download contacts not just email and name, but email and name and product and category, for example. Andrew Cacti Gift set "Cactus +"

Then create email:

  1. Segment of those who bought cactus
  2. We write an email in which we insert merge tags. For example:
"Good afternoon, {{Name}}! 
Since you bought from us {{Tovar}}, here is an instruction how to care for cacti".


How to add a merge tag to the email

Step 1. Edit additional fields

This can be done in «Contacts»- «Additional fields». This page shows all your fields and their names for substitution.

additional fields

Step 2. Create or edit additional field

We go to «Contacts» – «Additional field». The merge tag can be written with Latin letters and numerals.

Editing fields

The same window (only filled) will appear if you click on the name of add. field.

Step 3. Enter merge tag

The field name itself can be whatever you choose. Only you will see it. Then fill in all other cells (cell type, cell number in the list, in which lists will be displayed).

Step 4. Create or edit email template

Following instructions from lesson 2 — we begin to edit email template. Note that all your merge tags appear in the field column when editing:

substitution in a letter

All merge tags (including functional ones) can be seen here.

Where can personalization be used?

  • In email subject;
  • In email body.

“And what if some additional fields are empty in contact list?”

This is foreseen as well. Add a merge tag text in curly braces through «|» in case the field is empty or contains 0. For example, to insert a name we add  {{Name}}, but at the same time reinsure {{Name|dear customer}}.

Examples of using personalization:

1. Name in email subject («John, your goods will arrive today», «Ilia, today you have Angel Day», «Today everyone whose name is John, receive a 50% discount»);

Пример: «{{Name|Ваш}}{{Name?, ваш}} goods will come today», «{{Name|Good}}{{Name?, good}} day!».

2. Product name («Did you like Lazzavo coffee?», «Discounts for  iPhone 7 only three days», «Turkey is waiting for you again 10% discount for you».

3. Residence city («I know that you need to be in time to deliver to Kiev, so I remind you that…», «so Delivery in Moscow for 1 ruble»).

4. Order number or other important information in transaction emails («Your login:Odin111», «Order number: 112345»).

Example «Your login:{{login}}».

Naturally, all this can be combined.

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