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What is an address rating

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Address rating is a functionality for tracking the activity of contacts who receive emails. The rating depends on how the person reads and follows the link from the letter.

Where can the rating be seen?

In the User’s Profile the rating is displayed in lists opposite the contact address in the form of asterisks:

address rating

If you do not have a rating column:

  1. Click the «List Operations» link immediately below the list name.
  2. Select «Columns Setup».
  3. Tick the «Address Rating» column.

What types of rating are there?

According to the results of mailings, contacts can receive one of six indicators of rating:

рейтинг подписчика Unknown — contact did not receive the letter (perhaps because it was added recently, or contact stopped receiving mailings).
This is the base rating that contact receives by default when added to the contact list. The «Unknown» rating is also set if contact has not received mailings in the last 60 days.
address rating Gone — contact receives letters but does not read them.
address rating Outgoing — contact receives letters but reads only a small part of them.
address rating Reader — contact with medium activity, who receives, reads and clicks a part of the letters.
address rating Friend — highly active contact, who often opens letters and follows links.
address rating Fan — loyal contact that regularly follows links from letters.

How is the rating calculated?

The rating is calculated for 60 days.

We take into account:

  1. The number of letters sent to the contact.
  2. The number of letters the contact opened (the first opening is taken into account).
  3. 3. The number of letters from which the contact followed links (the first following is taken into account).

The rating does not take into account unsubscribe or spam complaints, as this can be seen in the contact status. Thus, you can segment contacts with a rating greater than 5, but who have unsubscribed.

How rating is used

When segmenting

Rating can be used during the segmentation of contacts:

address rating

When exporting contacts

When exporting contacts, the user can select the rating field for export.

address rating

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