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UniSender integration with Joomla

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The UniSender integration module for Joomla allows you to add a subscription form to the site, as well as to easily transfer all registered users to UniSender for an email campaign.


  1. Download and install the archive with the extension module by clicking the link below. To work correctly, the plugin requires the installation of curl (although it is usually already installed on the hosting).
    Download archive
  2. Go to the Extensions — Manage — Install menu in the Joomla account.
    Интеграция UniSender c Joomla
  3. Select the archive with the module and install it.
    Интеграция UniSender c Joomla

Integration configuration

  1. Go to the Extensions — Modules menu, click New.
    Интеграция UniSender c Joomla
  2. In the drop-down list, select UniSender.
    Интеграция UniSender c Joomla
  3. Enter the name of our module and then insert an API key from the account into the UniSender field. Then click Save.Интеграция UniSender c Joomla
  4. After clicking Save in the Subscriber list field, your lists from the UniSender account will be loaded, select a list to which the contacts will be loaded.
  5. Select the user group, which will be imported into the UniSender list.
  6. When you click the Import button, contacts from the selected group will be transferred to the selected list.
    Интеграция UniSender c Joomla
  7. Click Save&Close — the module set-up is complete.

Adding a subscription form

You can create and add a subscription form in the same UniSender module, in the section block below. By default, a form will be provided consisting of two fields — an email address and the name of the future contact. You can add any fields, swap the fields, change the HTML code.
Интеграция UniSender c Joomla

The UniSender’s integration with Joomla works with version 3.7; the module has not been tested with later versions.

Developer: UniSender Software Ltd.

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