UniSender integration with Magento

UniSender integration with Magento

UniSender integration with Magento

This module is intended for synchronization of Magento online store’s contact base with UniSender's campaign service. Options offered by the module:

  • Synchronization of contact base for campaigns;
  • Automatic communication of contact’s information to UniSender when a user signs up or unsubscribes via the online store;
  • Assigning tags to a contact (website, store and buyer or guest);
  • Sending SMS messages.


We have prepared a detailed documentation for the Magento integration module, available in a printable PDF format here.


We guarantee correct performance of the plug-in for Magento CE 1.5 and 1.6. Download and install the extension module using the link

The plug-in’s author offers a number of services, including installation of a campaign module in your online store, integration with UniSender and change of performance algorithm according to your business model.

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