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UniSender Integration with Facebook

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Facebook updates its personal data protection policy. If the integration gives you an error, please write to us in chat.

You automatically collect contacts from Facebook Lead Ads into UniSender.

Why is it need

How to configure integration

  1. Go to the Tools — Integration page.
  2. Click «Settings» in «Integration with Facebook».
  3. Click «Add» to connect the Facebook form with the contact list.
  4. Give permission to receive information about your page in social networks and the right to manage your Facebook pages.
  5. Select the Facebook page for which you have set up the Form to collect leads.
  6. Select the form to collect leads from the drop-down list.
  7. Select one of your lists in UniSender.
  8. Connect fields from the Facebook form with the UniSender fields.

It is important that the types of fields in the Facebook form match the fields in the UniSender lists.

For example, if you added a text box to the Facebook form, then the type of additional field in UniSender should be «Line» or «Text».

How to edit/delete connection with Facebook Lead Ads

On the «Integration with Facebook» page: to edit, click on the gear; in order to delete on to the cross.

To delete all the created links, on the Facebook Application Configuration page, delete the UniSender application.

After deletion, the connection will not be active and the contacts will no longer be included in the lists.

How to activate a connection with Facebook Lead Ads

  1. On the «Integration with Facebook» page, click on the gear.
  2. In the settings, click «Save».


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