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UniSender Integration with Tilda

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Steps for setting up integration:

  1. Open Tilda: Settings site > Forms > UniSender.
  2. We fill in the form for connecting to UniSender. We paste the API codeCode list (id) and activate the double-opt-in.

    After connecting to UniSender at Tilda, you must return to the set up and UniSender “Opt-in and opt-out tools“. If you don’t do this, the contacts won’t get into this list.
  3. Now we go to the page, insert the desired block with the form and content, and then open the Content menu.
  4. In “Connected Services” select the list and save.
  5. Publish the page.

If the contacts do not appear, the main reasons are:

  • The user did not fill out the form on the “Opt-in and opt-out tools” page;
  • The user filled out a form in one domain and in the settings Set a different domain;
  • The user deleted the inspector, then created a new one, but in the form did not specify a new client manager and pereopublikovali page.

Monitoring errors: going to Site Settings -> Forms and there click on “Details” in the desired service, you will be able to see the last 5 errors that occurred when adding contacts to UniSender, as well as the number of contacts received.

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