Edit Unsubscribe Link Text

UniSender adds a required  unsubscribe link to all email campaigns you send.

Edit Unsubscribe Link Text

You can customize the text for the unsubscribe link for each list. To do this, under Tools drop-down menu select Unsubscribe links and click New link.
Edit Unsubscribe Link TextAdd the name and text of the unsubscribe link. You can add html code to the Link text field. Then click Publish.
Edit Unsubscribe Link Text
The text must contain the {{UnsubscribeUrl}} merge tag.
The link is ready, it will be available after it is approved by the moderators.
Edit Unsubscribe Link Text
When the link is approved, go to Contact lists, select the desired list and click "Opt-in and opt-out tools" (inside the list in the panel on the left)). In the Unsubscribe link field , insert  the link you created.
How to insert unsibscribe link
Done! Now, the new unsubscribe link will be inserted in all emails sent to the selected list.


You can not use any HTML formatting tags inside the link. All this should be done outside the

<a href="{{UnsubscribeUrl}}">Unsubscribe from emails</a>

Incorrect (the b tag is interfering):

<a href="{{UnsubscribeUrl}}"><b>Unsubscribe from emails></b></a>

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